Digital Media Quests


The Digital Media Technology program at Summit Technology Academy gives students Digital Media Creatives (Creatives) an opportunity to explore and prepare for careers in Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications.

Creatives will focus on audio/video production technologies including studio recording and live sound reinforcement. They will work in teams to create video productions that integrate music, graphics and other video technologies in entrepreneurial projects for their schools and/or communities.

The Digital Media Technology Quests website is our home base of daily information and guidance. Quests uses a different approach to learning by combining elements of gamification — badges, points, levels, etc…

Each Quest represents a small bit of knowledge, a skill, a workflow technique, or some other class-related information that would otherwise be distributed in a traditional manner. Instead, Creatives earn Gold and Experience (XP) as they work their way through each Quest.

These Quests then form the backbone of knowledge that support the project-based approach in the Digital Media Technology class.

Digital Media Creatives gain experience through real-world projects that help them understand roles and processes across a broad range of careers involving audio and video.

One more important feature of Quests: they have no connection to grades. Nothing at all. But, a Creative can suffer damage to their Experience (XP) and Gold based on a number of “Taxes and Fees.”

Play the game well and you’ll succeed.